9 Smart Ways to Save Money and Lower Heating Costs this Winter

With winter on the way, we’re all preparing for a hike to our gas bill. To make this year a little easier, we’ve turned to our Heating and Cooling experts to tell us how they save on their energy bills every winter. They came up with 9 great tips to follow that can help you do the same.

Replace weather-stripping around doors and windows:

Weather-stripping is used to seal air leaks around movable building components, like your exterior doors and windows. Replacing worn or damaged weather-stripping will prevent heat from escaping your home and save you money on your gas bill. To remove older weather-stripping you will simply pull it from its groove in the door casing, then you will replace it with a new strip, cut-to-length and inserted into the same groove.

Insulate the roof:

This savings tip requires more work, but according to our Heating and Cooling experts it will certainly pay off! Consider this: in an uninsulated house, around 25% of the heat lost is through the roof. Your heating equipment will have to work overtime to accommodate for this major heat loss, resulting in much higher energy bills.

Seal air leaks in ductwork:

If the ducts in your house run through unconditioned space, be sure to seal any leaks and insulate them to reduce heat losses, failing to do so can result in higher utility bills. If you’re building a new house, it’s a great idea to install your ducts and heating equipment in the conditioned space in order to avoid the energy losses.

Upgrade your thermostat to a programmable one:
Upgrading your conventional thermostat to a programmable thermostat, like the Ecobee, can cut your electricity bill by 10%-15%. Further, a smart thermostat can "learn" your family's habits and automatically adjust temperatures, whilst using as little natural gas as possible to keep you comfortable.

Use the sun to your advantage:

Remove the blinds or drapes from your windows during daylight hours and let the heat from the sun shine in! To keep the heat in when the sun goes down, consider installing insulated window coverings. It also helps to keep your windows clean from dust and dirt.

Keep heating registers clear:

Keeping your registers (supply and return) unobstructed is another way to save some money this winter. This will not only ensure your furnace works more efficiently but will also help to maintain the proper air balance in the room resulting in enhanced comfort.

Keep your furnace in perfect working condition:

Routine furnace maintenance is the key to avoiding many costly problems down the road, but it can also help in the short term. One example is to replace your filter as the manufacturer recommends, this will increase the operating efficiency of your furnace today, while also preventing further damage.

Close heating registers:
Your furnace is responsible for around 50% of the total energy you use in your home. If you are not using a room in your home, just close the register inside of it and shut the door, doing so will allow your furnace to run on partial-load conditions and consume less power.

Clothing selection:
It doesn’t cost you anything to wear warm clothing at home, but it could help cut your bills. Try setting your thermostat just a bit lower and put on cozy sweater, socks and long pants to keep you warm and comfortable!

Try implementing some of these ideas and let us know how much money you save this winter. Perhaps you have some ideas of your own, share with us on Facebook or Twitter!