Best Central Air Conditioners: 2016

The best thing you can do to effectively decide which air conditioning system will best fulfill your needs as a homeowner is to compare similar products. We have prepared a list of 2016's top-rated best air conditioners in U.S.A and Canada of various brands in terms of of rating, efficiency, sound rating and average pricing.

10. TRANE XR13

Rating: 3/5     Efficiency: up to 14.5 SEER     Sound Rating: 75 dB

It can achieve a SEER of up to 14.5 and can provide better cooling power with efficient operation. It consists of single-stage Climatuff compressor, an aluminum Spine Fin coil and full louvered panels. Moreover, each model has its own DuraTuff base pan to resist corrosion and prevent warping.


Rating: 3.2/5     Efficiency: up to 16 SEER     Sound Rating: 70.7 dB

It consists of single-stage air conditioners with scroll compressors and PSC fan motors. It also has a composite base pan which prevents corrosion and also reduces the operating sound. Its PlusOne Expanded Valve Space feature provides a minimum working area of 27 square inches, and PlusOne Triple Service Access offers 15-inch wide corner service access. Thus making the repair and re-assembling simpler.


Rating: 3.3/5     Efficiency: up to 16 SEER     Sound Rating: 70.4 - 75 dB

It consists of two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor which features built-in diagnostics and is compatible with Goodman’s ComfortNet Communications System, which monitors the system and allows contractors to save time in troubleshoot problems more precisely. Apart from that it features two-speed condenser fan motor as well. It has high density foam sound blanket and a wire fan discharge grille that makes it operation quieter.


Rating: 3.3/5     Efficiency: up to 16 SEER     Sound Rating: 71.5 - 73 dB

It consists of Copeland high-efficiency scroll compressor and a premium copper tubing / aluminium fin condenser coil. Its Copeland CoreSense diagnostics feature allows monitoring the system for problems. It also has a high-density sound control blanket that too with sound control top to make its operation quieter.


Rating: 3.4/5     Efficiency: up to 21.2 SEER     Sound Rating: 69 dB

It consists of two-stage scroll compressor which runs on low load for 80% of the time. Its SilentComfort technology optimized its performance  while reducing the sound levels. Its SunSource Solar-Ready feature makes it best choice which helps in reducing the electricity bills by making full use of solar energy.


Rating: 3.6/5     Efficiency: up to 13 SEER     Sound Rating: 72 - 77 dB

It consists of energy-efficient compressor with a factory-installed liquid line filter drier protection, a copper tube / aluminium fin condenser coil and a heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet. This unit reduces the operating sound levels with the help of a three-bladed design combined with a louvred sound control. Its maintenance is quite simple as it allows top and side access and a single panel for internal controls.


Rating: 3.7/5     Efficiency: up to 17 SEER     Sound Rating: 66 dB

It can be purchased with either a single- or two-stage compressor. Its DuraGuard Plus protection feature helps it to withstand against weather. Moreover, it feature copper tube / aluminium fin coil and corrosion-resistant interior parts.


Rating: 3.9/5     Efficiency: up to 21 SEER     Sound Rating: 65 dB

It comes with two-stage scroll compressor with a filter drier system protecting against contaminants and moisture. It has a Silencer System II feature in addition to compressor sound blanket and forward swept fan blades, thus making its operation quieter than any other technology. It features Infinity touch control provides accurate control of programmable features such as temperature, humidity, etc...


Rating: 4.2/5     Efficiency: up to 17 SEER     Sound Rating: N/A

It features MicroChannel coil with all-aluminium that makes it compact with optimized performance. Moreover, it has a corrosion-resistant powder coat paint finish, and a direct-drive fan design helps to keep the operating noise at minimum.


Rating: 4.8/5     Efficiency: up to 18 SEER     Sound Rating: 71 - 74 dB

It has a two-stage Copeland scroll compressor that comes with built-in diagnostics. It is compatible with Goodman’s ComfortNet Communications System, thus allowing the contractors to troubleshoot problems more precisely in no time. It has highly efficient two-speed condenser fan motor and a high-density foam sound blanket on compressor and a wire fan discharge grille to reduce the sound level to minimum.

Hopefully, this comparison is going to provide you a clearer view when selecting your AC based on efficiency, sound rating and pricing. From now onwards, you can select your AC as per your comfort requirements while keeping the long-term operational costs in mind.