Gas Furnaces: Comparing Major Brands

When it comes to choosing the best gas furnaces for your home and family, these are some of the products that stand out among the top ten furnace brands.

Their prominence in the HVAC market is attributable to years of manufacturing reliable, durable and energy-efficient units. Below, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of 2016's best furnaces:



Carrier provides highly efficient and durable single- and two-stage furnaces. The furnaces are grouped into 3 product lines:

  • The Infinity series: Features two-stage and modulating furnaces for maximum efficiency, e.g. - The Infinity 98 59MN7.
  • The midrange-efficiency Performance line: It covers single- and two-stage furnaces having high efficiency ratings in the mid-to-high 90th percentile e.g. - Performance 95 59TP5.
  • Comfort brand line: It covers the highly efficient single-stage furnaces line, e.g. - Comfort 95 59C5.




Bryant also provides quality gas furnace in three lines: Evolution, Preferred and Legacy. The features with model name of these 3 production lines are as follows:

  • Evolution: It consists of a modulating gas furnace with AFUE up to 98.3 percent, e.g. Evolution 987M.
  • Preferred: It consists of two-stage furnace with a variable-speed motor, e.g. Preferred 926T.
  • Legacy: It consists of single-stage gas furnace with AFUE up to 95 percent, e.g. -Legacy 915S.





Amana offers a variety of 16 standard and high-efficiency gas furnaces models.

Its best furnace is ACVM 97, which is a two-stage modulating furnace with AFUE up to 97 percent. Other suitable furnaces for homes cover reliable two-stage gas furnace, AMEC96; and a single-stage model with 80 percent AFUE, AMS8.




Goodman is one of the largest manufacturers of residential heating furnaces and provides two furnaces that operate at above 97 percent AFUE.

Singles-stage models include GMVC8 and GCSS96 (with AFUE of 96 percent). The best model is GMVM97, which is a modulating furnace and Energy Star-compliant with AFUE up to 98 percent.





Coleman product lineup is smaller as compared to other brands, but the products are highly efficient.

Its model CP9C is modulating and Energy Star-certified with AFUE of 98. One of its model LX TM9M which is also modulating and provides a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. It offers Comforteer TG9S, which is a single-stage furnace with top single-speed blower motor.





Trane provides XR95 model which is the most reliable single-stage gas furnace having AFUE of up to 95 percent.

Its two-stage unit XV95 is modulating and Energy Star-certified, thus allowing to save lots on operational cost. Its main furnace is XC95M which features special gas valve and variable blower speeds that allows it to work more efficiently.



American Standard

Its lineup is also limited, but it provides affordable furnaces with greater efficiency. It has three brand lines, each having multiple models.

  • The Platinum 95- This one is a modulating furnace with AFUE up to 97.3 percent.
  • The Gold 80V- It provides the lowest noise levels.
  • American Standard 92- It is one of its top single-stage furnaces.




It is the leading manufacturer of two-stage units.

The models include R96P from the Classic Plus Series and RGTM from the Classic Series. R96V, Energy Star-qualified furnace, is the best furnace that lies under its Prestige Series and is able to maintain your home's temperature with great accuracy.




It is involved in developing highly efficient furnaces.

The SLP98V, part of Dave Lennox Signature Collection, is a modulating furnace with AFUE of up to 98.7 percent. EL196V and ML195 are high quality yet affordable furnaces by Lennox and lies under the Elite and Merit Series.




York offers affordable furnaces in three series: Affinity, LX and Latitude gas furnaces.

They are mainly involved in developing highly efficient two-stage furnaces, such as TM9V and modulating furnaces, like YP9C. York also manufactures affordable single-stage furnaces, which are ideal for small homes.